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Extreme Pole Dancing Reaches A Peak

Pole Fitness on Ben Nevis with the Portable RPole September 14, 2011, Press Dispensary. A lightweight, portable, free-standing dance pole is spawning an entirely new sport, Extreme Pole Dancing, successfully debuted recently at the peak of Ben Nevis. The RPole ‘Play’, developed by Pole Passion of Crawley ( ), in association with the University of Brighton, is compact, light and portable enough to carry to the ends of the earth in a small backpack, yet safe and well balanced enough to permit full-blown pole dancing in extreme terrains.

The invention of the RPole Play means that, on July 21, 2011, a university lecturer, doctor of psychology and pole dance instructor, Katherine Humphrey, started a charity British 3-Peaks Challenge by climbing Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain, with a 27kg RPole ‘Play’ pack, and pole dancing at the summit – 4,409ft in the air. Adrenaline junky Katherine, of PoleKat Fitness, Nottingham, is renowned for her unusual stunts and, having spun at such dizzying heights, is now planning to take her RPole to Africa, also for charity, where she will pole dance in the heart of the Kenyan desert.

Her feat is opening up the way to an entirely new aspect to pole dancing, which is nowadays commonly acknowledged as a valid sport and widely taught as an enjoyable and effective workout regime. Pole Passion’s development of the portable RPole and its newest, lightest model, the Rpole ‘Play’, is opening up new markets, new activities and new audiences worldwide ... and taking the sport to new heights.

Katherine Humphrey comments: “The term ‘extreme sports’ has long been associated with challenging activities in inhospitable terrains, from snowboarding, bungee jumping and sky diving to, well, Extreme Ironing! But 2011, at the highest point in the UK, has seen the birth of Extreme Pole Dancing.”

She adds: “For me, pole dancing is an addiction and I can’t venture outside without wanting to pole dance on every street sign, gate post and lamppost I see but now, with the help of the freestanding, portable RPole, I’ve turned my addiction into something completely new. I can safely say I’ve been able to boldly pole where no-one has poled before.”

As well as being ideal for Extreme Pole Dancing, the RPole is designed with health clubs in mind. The RPole 'Play' weighs just 27kg, is perfect for travel and is the only pole tested to British and European Safety Standards BS EN 957-1: 2005.
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Notes for editors
About Pole Passion
Pole Passion Ltd is based in Crawley. It offers accredited pole instructor training courses and is the first company to gain an accredited Burlesque fitness course for fitness trainers. It also operates the ‘Miss Pole Dance UK’ national competition and the ‘World Pole Dance’ competition, which attracts performers from over 25 countries. The company has written Skill Active endorsed ‘Pole Fitness Instructor Training Courses’ that are endorsed by insurance companies.

About Katherine Humphrey
Dr Katherine Humphrey PhD is the owner of PoleKat Fitness, Nottingham (, which specialises in pole dancing for the fitness industry. Katherine teaches in gyms and health clubs around Nottinghamshire and also offers one-to-one and small group private lessons. Her classes are about increasing fitness, confidence and having fun. Tailored for the fitness industry, they are aimed at moving away from the negative stereotype that is still sometimes associated with pole dancing. By day, Katherine is a doctor of psychology and university lecturer.

About the 3 Peaks Challenge
The National Three Peaks Challenge involves walking the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within just 24 hours, including the travel between the three, and is considered a rigorous undertaking. Traditionally it starts at Ben Nevis, the highest of the three at 1344 metres (4409 ft).

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