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RPole Studio Fit - The Professional Choice for Safe Teaching. If you are interested in fitting out your studio or bulk purchase on RPoles then we can offer discounts and reduced (combined) shipping for your order.

Minimum purchase of 3 x RPole Studio Fit with
1800mm (6ft) Black Safety Mat, making this the ideal choice for teaching and safe practice when learning new moves or inverts for both instructors and students.

1.) FREE UK Delivery with Reduced Delivery to Europe / Worldwide
2.) FREE Travel Bags included
5% Discount on Bank Transfer Payments
4.) Discounts on Professional Pole Instructor Training with Pole Passion

RPole are the only pole manufacturer to supply their professional studio poles with a full size safety mat as standard. Why is this? Because cost is not a consideration for safety of students when teaching. RPole are committed to safe practice and improving standards of teaching to help instructors comply with safety of students and Duty of Care to protect against injury when practicing or teaching pole fitness.

All RPole portable free standing poles including the Studio Fit will help students burn more calories compared to using fixed poles as you use more core group of muscles, improving lower back and improving posture. Pole fitness also helps work out your hip rotators, abdominal and inner thigh muscles and is a superb exercise for strengthening your pelvic floor.

Important: If you teach pole fitness and do not use safety mats you are putting students at risk of injury every time you teach! Insurance companies will insist you should take all precautions to prevent injury to others and cost is not considered an excuse in law. This is made worse if you are not an accredited pole fitness instructor specifically qualified to teach inverts! Fortunately RPole also offer Professional Pole Teacher Qualifications through our training center in the UK or online through Pole Passion the UK's foremost teaching provider so you can turn your investment in your RPole into a business opportunity to teach Pole Fitness Classes safely.

Benefits of the RPole

Professional Pole with Safety Mat Included! Designed for Pole Fitness anywhere due to its lightweight design offering ease of transport. Takes just minutes to set up and folds away into the smallest of cupboards.

Lightweight 'NO Tools' Design, Ready in under 60 seconds! Will not damage floors or ceilings as has specially designed soft non slip silicone sleeve protection and unlike other poles does not require any tools, fixings, stabiliser bars or extension rods and its unique design means it never needs extra weights for stability.

FREE UK Shipping & Travel Bags INCLUDED ** Save up to £350! ** Can also be used without the safety mat for personal training making it perfect for impromptu pole jams and training at home or garden, at the park with friends or at the beach.

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I've already used the two new RPoles this evening and they're amaaaaaazing!
They're so stable it's unreal! - Alex

"The RPole is much, much lighter and can be put up and down in less than a minute" - Frankie
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