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Innovation in Pole Dance & Pole Sport Fitness Equipment

RPole was developed with over 6 years of research and testing and is the World's first truly portable pole. Designed by Pole Professionals who fully understand the challenges met by Pole Instructors and students in setting up studios with the minimum time and without the hazard of platforms or heavy equipment.

RPoles are exclusively manufactured in the United Kingdom to comply with strict UK and European Safety Standards and the Product Safety Directive 2005. RPole set the standard for safe pole equipment and Portable Pole Fitness as its by far the lightest portable pole dance pole in the World! The RPole Play weighs under 30kg and the Studio Fit with Safety Mat just 36kg but through design are equally, or more stable than much heavier rivals.

Innovative design allows installation in under 60 seconds for the Play without the need for tools, extra weight, stabiliser bars or adjustable feet. The RPole is the perfect portable free standing pole, for home and studio use.

The unique 38mm diameter pole option has been proved to be easier to grip and medically endorsed by Dr Stephen Deadman, one of the UK’s most qualified and renowned Chartered Physios & Registered Osteopaths. Pole Dance Fitness is officially recognised as a Sport with Skills Active.

Our professional designs are cutting edge in design with our ultra lightweight, low profile designs suitable for professional fitness instructors and beginners alike. The R-Pole was designed by Pole Passion who have been pioneering advances in the pole fitness industry since 2003 and fully understand the challenges met by Pole Instructors and students in setting up studios and needing a pole that takes minutes to install. RPoles are NOT mass produced but manufactured in the UK with each pole inspected and hand finished for quality.


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"The RPole is much, much lighter and can be put up and down in less than a minute" - Frankie
RPole Guarantee