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How to Order
RPole Elite - Pole Dance Poles that are as individual as you are!

Choose your own colour and add a pattern for that extra unique look! The new Elite range of poles are available to match
your requirements so you can show off your individuality with style.

Pictured above Grape with snakeskin

Prices start from just £200.00 to add a custom colour to your new pole order with patterns, like the 'Yea Baby' below at just
£85.00 more. Price is for the pole only and assumes purchased at the time of your order for a new RPole or pole.

Customise as much or as little as you want. Price for the complete RPole Play like the 'Yea Baby' below is a unique and
custom pole starting at just £1,000.00 c
omplete including the RPole Play and available of any combination of colours
and finishes including the awesome
'snakeskin'. The Rpole Play complete with Hard Base fully customised with lighting
starts at just £1,800.00 and is perfect
for corporate events and shows as can include corporate logos within the design.

Fully customised options. Incorporate company logo within the design if required.
Perfect for corporate events and shows.
Fully portable and will not damage floors or ceilings

Customise your existing RPole too from just £200 plus P&P so get in touch (contact form) and dare to be different!
The samples below are just ideas and available for mix and match.

Pictured above the 'Yea Baby'

Pictured above Hot Pink Pole with Candy Coat Finish

Pictured above Grape Hard Base with Blue mood lighting

Pictured above RPole Elite Pole Colour Options

Pictured above RPole Elite Colour and Pattern Options

Just to say, I absolutely LOVE my new R-Pole, went up really easily, looks great, feels great. Best pole to date ( I have 5!)
RPole Guarantee