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International Training Trained vs Untrained?
Become a Pole Dance Instructor - Accredited Teacher Training Courses by Pole Passion®

Accredited Pole Teacher Training Courses & Qualifications that are internationally recognised. A must have for all those who take their training and teaching seriously and want to be recognised in the Fitness Industry with a recognised pole fitness certification.
It is critical to your success to seek out ongoing training and support. Pole Passion are unique in this respect as Instructor Training Courses include FREE training within 12 months! Simply take the course and come back as often as you want on the same course within 12 months for FREE! (UK venue only). No-One else offers this support to get you qualified and supported in your first year.

Why is this important?
A better question is perhaps why are Pole Passion the only Company to offer this? We believe that without proper safe support, any learning or skill is quickly eroded either through lack of support or students quickly reaching your standard, both of which are fraught with danger as this may breed 'quick fix' solutions which in turn create the opportunity for dangerous teaching practices and incorrect training methods both leading to class structure breakdown and potential Health & Safety violations.

This is why our ongoing Continual Learning Lessons and Workshops are designed to support you in achieving your goals and together we develop learning programmes that fit in with this strategy.

"I would definitely recommend Pole Passion.
The Course was informative challenging & interesting" - Claire
"Thank you so much for THE BEST weekend of my life!
I've learnt so much and had so much fun! I will be back to do my advanced!
You certainly host a fantastic opportunity I would recommend to anyone wanting to teach!
Very informative and great fun too! Xxxxxxxx" - Catherine Jones

International Training Trained vs Untrained?
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Pole Teacher Training Foundation Course Advanced Pole Instructor Teacher Training Course International Pole Retreat - Budapest 2014
Our Price: £399.00 Inc VAT
Our Price: £399.00 Inc VAT
Our Price: £450.00 Inc VAT
Foundation Course in Pole Dance Fitness offering a Recognised Qualification for those looking to learn to teach Pole dance or for existing instructors looking for a recognised qualification. A must have for all those who take their training and teaching seriously. NEW Advanced course structure for 2013. A bespoke course complying with current Health and Safety regulations for professional pole instructors. Includes competent spotting techniques for safe teaching of inverts. After successive years organising our annual Pole Dance Festival and Training week in Jamaica and Europe. Pole Passion are proud to announce the 7th annual International Pole Dance Training Retreat will be held in Budapest, Hungary after a very successful and sell out 2013.
Just to say, I absolutely LOVE my new R-Pole, went up really easily, looks great, feels great. Best pole to date ( I have 5!)
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