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"RPole is probably the best free standing pole available at the moment. It is simple to construct, fairly lightweight for its catogory and compacts very well. My preference is the 38mm pole so the R Pole is a great portable option for me." Felix Caine: National Champion Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 & 2008. World Pole Sport & Fitness Champion 2009 & 2010

"That's brilliant, thanks for all your help. Really pleased with it actually, it is a beautiful piece of equipment". ~ Hazel

"Thank you very much - astonishing customer service and much appreciated". ~ Claire

"Just to say, I absolutely LOVE my new R-Pole, went up really easily, looks great, feels great. Best pole to date ( I have 5!)"

"I have to say this is massively better than ****** stage which we just had to send back due to faults plus their responses and delivery were appalling." ~ Richard

"The pole arrived yesterday and is FAB !" ~ Clare S

"Finally ordered an r-pole after many questions! and i love it - the r-pole was almost too easy to put up and take down! I had extra time to stretch and relax!! I love it and the build quality is great, the 38mm is great for my grip as i have a recurring wrist injury and ive found i can only use a smaller pole now. All round thumbs up!" ~ Hannah

"What can I say, that sounds like a solution to me and thanks for thinking of one. I must say I was afraid how you might react as heard so many stories about customer service from other companies ******** stages in particular where customer service is so bad, but I must say your customer service should have a review as you have been wonderful, very patient, never show that your annoyed or getting impatient over helping me make the right choice and always reply the same day" ~ Susan McC

"I purchased 3 portable r-poles back in 2009. I have used them for 6-8 hours of classes every week since and they are still going strong!
When I was originally setting up my classes I found that a lot of potential venues were incompatible with floor to ceiling poles due to suspended ceilings, corregated roofs or just a huge logistical height issues! The r-pole can literally be put up anywhere and in a minimal amount of time. I have since bought another portable pole from another supplier and after only a couple of years it has serious signs of wear and tear. Needless to say I am about to replace it with another r-pole. R-pole have been brilliant in dealing with any issues I have had and the only time I have needed a little repair they did so promtly and had my pole back in time for my next lesson. I would definately recommed r-pole's products and rate their customer service highly." ~ Claire Mayes Hertfordshire

"I love the hard base to take for performances - but the soft mat is now my preferred option for everything else!" ~ Aimee Northern Pole Dance

"You can feel the quality of the R Pole as soon as you have your hands on it."

"Could you pass a message to the R-pole team and Steve for me please? I met him on Saturday and I tried out the R-pole....I absolutely loved it ...It was an incredible pole and nothing else feels right now!"

"I loved using the R-pole, just the fact that it takes minutes to put up is fantastic! I love the fact that you can maximise any pole move by having a smaller pole but still excellent grip and make moves more elegant and tidy. I absolutely can't wait to teach classes on them! Thanks Guy's for inventing it!!!"

"Hi guys! 'I loved the R-Pole when I first tried it! I think the fact that it's so portable and versatile is brilliant. The speed of putting it up and taking it down is a major bonus when fitting classes in between other gym classes. Bring on classes in village halls with their silly pitched roofs"

"i loved the feel of the 38 pole - the grip from the smaller size plus the stainless steal pole is better than anything i have had the pleasure of spinning around. the pole itself feels very stable, and is so easy to put together (and i say that from experience)"

"The pole was very easy to assemble and is an absolute dream to "trick out" on:- comfy for handsprings and spins and the matted base was comfortable to land on and would be very reassuring to beginners and more advanced trixters alike. Any "bowing" of the pole due to it's freestandingness couldn't be felt at all while using it. Unlike other portable stages I've tried it didn't have a massive drop to the floor, a painfully hard base or move accross the floor of it's own accord(!). The only downside was not being able to distract everyone long enough to steal it!"

"We were very impressed with the R-Pole when we trialled it, sturdy, lightweight, easily portable and requires hardly any storage space! A fantastic concept. Well done guys." Pippa from Polenastics XX

"After having a go on the ‘R’ pole I have to say it’s something I will definitely be purchasing, it truly is revolutionary! A portable freestanding pole that’s easy to assemble, safe to use and looks great too!" Many thanks Paula XxX

"Extremely Impressive. The R-Pole is definitely the answer to the long-awaited need for a portable pole option which offers quality and durability as well as being safe & user-friendly. Thanks Pole Passion, for the hard work and expertise that will surely Revolutionize our industry." Chastitie, Pole Dance International Magazine & Goddess Arts Academy, NW

Contact us with your testimonial *click here*
I purchased 3 RPoles in 2009 and have used them for 6-8 hours of classes every week since and they are still going strong!
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