RPole Sport Fitness ... the lightest free standing dance pole, in the world!
Official sponsors of Miss Pole Dance UK & World Pole Sport Fitness Championships

A UK design innovation and manufactured within the UK.

- Proved to burn more calories and increase muscle tone and body definition compared to
using a fixed
pole. The portable RPole gives the same workout as if you are using a stability ball by giving a whole body
workout that
specifically concentrates on your abbs and important core group of muscles including lower back and
diaphragm muscles,
improving lower back and posture. Also improves your hip rotators, abdominal and inner thigh muscles
strengthens pelvic floor.

Professional Safety Mat included with Studio Fit models! Designed for Pole Fitness anywhere due to its lightweight
design offering ease of transport and storage. Safety mat can be used for stretching and with most other poles.

READY IN UNDER 60 SECONDS! No ceiling fixings and non slip base will not damage floors. Fits
into the smallest car for transport or space for storage or travel.
No other portable pole offers these benefits.

The perfect portable free standing pole, for home and studio use with
unique 'No stage' design and Safety Mat
as standard on Studio Fit models for safe teaching and practice of inverts,
with floor work and stretching to be part of
your fitness routine. (No extra weight or stabiliser bars required).

PRICES FROM £499.00!
Our passion for producing the most innovative designs to create the best products that saves
you time and money in your fitness routines and business. Our products and services go way beyond price alone as we
create value that sets you apart.

… Not all Dance Poles are created equal!

'Had my RPole for a few hours and love it! It has simple instructions, is easy to set up, and I haven't been able to
keep myself away from it for more than 5 minutes so far. I no longer have to worry about ceilings and beams and
can even reverse grab it's so stable. So happy!'

'I've already used the two new RPoles this evening and they're amaaaaaazing!
They're so stable it's unreal! - Alex

Rpole offer servicing and maintenance for the pole past it's warranty (and at a great rate!) and after 4 years a have just
had it serviced for the first time. l
ubricant and a tiny pin replaced was all that was recommended and needed to make it
like new again!
Really happy with the product and service'. Thank you Rpole -

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"The RPole is much, much lighter and can be put up and down in less than a minute" - Frankie
RPole Guarantee