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World Pole Dance  (www.worldpoledance.com)

World Pole Sport Fitness - World Championships, Switzerland Saturday 10th November 2012

World Pole Dance is the original and ultimate global pole competition and showcase bringing together over 26 Countries from 5 Continents and featuring the World’s best pole performers and athletes in a showcase event, demonstrating sheer physical strength, skill and stamina and individually choreographed routines. Our vision is to encourage, support and educate safe pole sport fitness by raising standards through trained instructors to ensure safe classes and structured lessons for students looking to enter this sport for fitness. 

World Pole Dance has grown from originally changing public perception of ‘Pole Dance’ as a form of fitness to ensuring a unified approach to Pole Dance and Fitness as a competitive sport through a central unified organisation with the aim of offering pole safety through the best equipment and qualified instructors offering a unified set of rules and raise the standards of pole fitness generally to ensure safe classes and lessons for students looking to participate at every level of this sport.  

In 2005 Pole Passion were instrumental in creating the very first World Pole Dance Competition which was held in Amsterdam, Holland. In 2009 Pole Passion hosted the very first World Pole Sport Fitness Championships were held in the idyllic and beautiful Island of Jamaica. Since 2009, over 2 Million people from all over the World have viewed the Competition on Youtube.

In 2010 saw this event presented by Pole Passion & Loft1 Pole Fitness Studios in Zurich, Switzerland incorporating 24 countries and 31 competitors.

2011 Pole Passion co hosted the World Pole Sport Fitness Championships with their global partners DollHouse, Hungary and Loft1 Pole Fitness in the beautiful city of Budapest, where this event saw for the first time in any major pole fitness event a male division

2012 will see World Pole Dance Sport Fitness held in Zurich, Switzerland on 10th November

Miss Pole Dance UK  (www.misspoledance-UK.com)

Miss Pole Dance UK is the UK's longest and most successful Pole Dance Fitness event and was pioneered by Pole Passion back in 1995 with the view of pro actively taking Pole Dance Fitness into the mainstream dance and fitness culture.

Miss Pole Dance events has been instrumental in bringing pole fitness as a recognised sport and has made this more accessible and accepted as a highly technical dance form and fitness routine, available to everyone. 

Miss Pole Dance showcases strength, agility and the art of pole dance through extremely challenging choreographed routines from the very best dancers who represent the cutting edge of pole sport and fitness in the United Kingdom today.

Miss Pole Dance is now the most prestigious pole dance and fitness event in the World attracting interest from media and other Countries keen to follow our lead. Miss Pole Dance is an annual event dedicated to the the sheer athleticism and expertise of the top pole performers in the industry who tirelessly work to empower both men and women to keep fit and express their skills in a safe non judgemental environment that is Miss Pole Dance.


Images of Miss Pole Dance used with kind permission of M P Kosakowski
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